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Strategic IT: A Better Business Model

At Paragus, we have never believed it’s enough for an outsourced information technology firm to be staffed by experts in computer systems and technology. We believe technological expertise must be combined with an understanding of what businesses, small and large, are up against, what it takes to be competitive, and the vital role technology plays in our client businesses’ success.

IT Solutions For Business


Dedicated account rep, just for you.

backed up with a team of accomplished professionals


Disaster Recovery and Continuity

Our technicians provide backup and recovery solutions to businesses for every budget.

Remote Support

Our staff can connect directly to your computer from off-site and assist you.

Help Desk Support

Our staff will assist you with ongoing support issues and miscellaneous account setup needs, along with a wide range of issues and tips relating to PCs and technology.

On-Site Service

Our trusted technicians will come directly to your home or office to solve your
computer issues. Simply call us to select an appointment time to fit your schedule.


Standards for the Protection of Personal Information of the Residents of the Commonwealth.



We are the largest, most experienced independent EMR consulting firm in New England.


Spam Blocking

Constantly monitored email system has caught over 2 million spam emails this month.

Remote Backup

A remote data backup solution that is secure, affordable hassle free and foolproof.

Company Culture

When you work with Paragus Strategic IT, you’re not working with geeks or nerds — you’re working with a company of professionals.





2nd Fastest Growing Company in Hamden/Hampshire County


By The Employers Association Of The North East


BBB Torch Award for Excellence in Business


“On a scale of 1-10, Paragus is 100. That was not a typo. I am so happy I don’t have to worry about IT issues anymore. Paragus is crazy super awesome.”

Carly Cavanaugh, CPA, Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C

Whenever there’s an issue with my computers, I call Luke and Tony at Paragus, I love them!

Suki Kramer, Suki

It gives us peace of mind to know that Paragus cares about our business as much as we do.

Kimberly Clairemont, Business Manager, Construct Associates, Inc.

“There’s no room for error in my business and Paragus handles my IT services with the same commitment and dedication I bring to my medical practice. They are professional, friendly and always there when I need them.”

Nancy A. Balin, M.D., FACS, Balin Eye And Laser Center

“We really appreciate the expertise of everyone on the Paragus team as well as the great customer service we get every time we call.”

Felicia, Ledgebrook Family Practice

You truly went above and beyond last night, responding to my ‘urgent’ request for help with my non-functioning email. I truly did not expect you’d attend to that at 9:30 at night.

Amanda Wilson, MD, CleanSlate Centers

“Paragus went above and beyond to make our server transition as smooth and undisruptive as possible. They were willing to house the servers, pick up and return the keys and do the installation after office hours on the Friday of a holiday weekend. Paragus is an amazing and indispensable resource.”


“We view Paragus not only as a valued vendor but as a full extension of our organization. They are there to meet our needs no matter how minor or comprehensive they may be.”

Sue Henry, V.P. of Finance & Administration, Encharter Insurance LLC

“We are extremely pleased with the service that Paragus has delivered. Their response is dependably quick and efficient.”

Mike Kowalski, Comptroller, Boulanger's Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

“They’re great people to work with and they represent your company with professionalism and genuine caring. Looking forward to more of the “Paragus Experience.”

Jeff Epstein, Epstein

All experienced with Scott have great, friendly and efficient!

Jennifer, Encharter

Stay fabulous ☺ 

Paula Lincoln, Psych Billing

Always great service and great people! 

Andi Seger, Alden & Associates

Send over popcorn so we can eat while watching you work your magic!

Tamra, AEIOU

I think Dan deserves a prize!

Victoria, United Way of Hampshire County

I love how quickly I get a person on the phone who knows us and can fix the problem efficiently and respectfully. 

Kate Atkinson, Atkinson Family Practice

If there have to be problems, this is how I want the resolution to go. Thank you!

April, Home City Housing

Anthony is amazingly efficient! 

Renee, AHF

Perfect, prompt and patient. 

Linda Lutz, OTA

Ray was incredibly helpful, but most importantly he was patient. I appreciate the work. 

Zach Holt, Whalen Insurance

Always courteous, always there, never condescending… Talks to us where we can understand… Always a good experience… 

Karen Saunders, Psych Billing

Everyone that I deal with whenever I call is terrific to work with and always pleasant and helpful! Thank you!!! 

Sheri Cleveland, Town of Orange

Dan was Great and very easy to work with.

Lydia Szych, Town of Hatfield

All my experiences with Paragus have been wonderful. Great job and thanks for the help! 

Jenny Kenworthy, Valley Vet

Sarah is my hero!

Kim Hyslip, HyGround

you guys are great! 🙂 Thanks again.

Jen, DA Sullivan and Sons

Dan was friendly and quickly solved my issue without making me feel like a dolt. Thanks, Dan! 

Angela Jagiello, OTA

Nothing – You guys are perfect ☺ 


Nothing, Scott Ball was very helpful and quick at resolving all of my issues, great job! 

Jeremy Martin, Soldier On

cant get any better 🙂 awesome work Thanks 

Emanuel, Cleanslate

Anthony was great – no improvement needed

Cheri, Atkinson Family Practice

Scott F. is the best!! 

Tracy, Encharter

No improvement needed 

Gloria, Dietz Construction

As always, I received great customer service. 

Joe and Rudolpho, Temp-pro

I had positive and professional conversation with Dave as we worked on setting up my newly assigned out of the box laptop. Keep up the great work.

Giacomina Mazzanti, Hot Mama’s Foods

Thanks to Paragus for being awesome

Jordan Diaz, MBK

Scott is perfect – he consistently takes care of all our needs. 

Tracy Kenniff, Eye and Lasik

Roger is always very thorough and extremely helpful.

Peter Monaghan, Clean Slate

Could not have done anything better.  Experience was perfect.

Marge Bernard, Hadley Board of Health

went the extra mile to make my pc  more organized! 

Monique, OTA

You could add “11”!Sarah was a phenomenal instructor helping me set up a remote connection to my workplace computer from my home computer as well as to my iphone.She was clear, precise, and technically perfect. She is A+ 

Elisabeth Weissbach, Fisher Home

Every interaction thus far has been great.

Jeremy Ellis, VSS

I am so happy with  your company and the service you provide. 

Paula Roberts, Town of Hardwick

Nothing. Paragus I.T., practically perfect in every way. 

James Griffin, Waterdog

Service was excellent. Called when they said, worked on it until it was fixed. It was what we expected and had been told to expect from Paragus IT – excellent reliable service. Tech provided excellent service; was polite, professional, focused.

Charlene, Town of Williamsburg

You guys are always wonderful – what would I do without you!.!.! 

Barbara Haugen, Committee

There is no way to make me more satisfied with Paragus support. 

Ki Eno, Town of Hatfield

You all are the brains to this madness, nothing to improve a Fab U Lous 10 !!! Thanks Scotty!! 

Krista, Eye & Lasi

They are always accessible no matter the time of day or they respond almost immediately via phone call or email. Then on top of that they are actually capable of addressing and resolving any and all issues I have had.

Dianna Caruso, Community Enterprises

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the guidance and mentorship over the years – I really appreciate the way you look out for the business, and I’ve learned so much from working with you. It means a lot to me to have the chance to be involved with the big

Teal Van Dyck, Atkinson Family Practice

This is the best thing to happen to me all month!!!!

Katie Odenbaugh, Encharter Insurance

I really enjoyed meeting Greg.  He was very respectful in his approach and was prepared to address any problem I described to him.  He was very thorough in his investigation, asked all the right questions and was willing to try several different approaches to determine the true source of the problem.

Christine Warren, Davis Foundation

Love how organized and on top of things you are – seriously, you’re awesome!

Pauline Potter, Ventry
Proactive Services

With our high level of professional standards and our unmatched commitment to customer service, Paragus is perfectly positioned to provide outsourced IT services to businesses in nearly any industry. And every business can benefit from our Strategic IT business model.


Paragus has grown by 738% over the last eight years.


Number of coffees consumed per hour on any given day.


The Paragus fleet has logged nearly half a million miles serving the Pioneer Valley and beyond.

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Paragus provides outsourced I.T. services to businesses in Springfield, Holyoke, Northampton, Amherst and other Massachusetts and New England cities and towns.

Paragus Strategic IT

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